Rules – Crews

  • Any dance style is allowed.
  • Dancers are only permitted to dance for one team in only one category.
  • Each team must consist of a minimum of 3 dancers and a maximum of 25 dancers.
  • The performance should have a duration of a minimum of 3:00 minutes and a maximum of 7:00 minutes. An over- and underrun leads to fine.
  • Size of stage: 17 meters (width) x 12 meters (depth)
  • The music (mp3-file), pictures and information about your crew need to be sent by mail on time. Together with your confirmation you’ll get further information.
  • The participation of professional crews is not permitted. The purpose of our event is the gathering of different dance cultures without any commercial background.
  • Prior to the contest you must tell us if the choreography is a licensed or non-licensed choreography.
  • Rioting between crews and audience leads to disqualification.
  • Each team is allowed to have an attendant (male and female). The attendants are permitted to stay in the backstage area. Any other person must pay the regular entrance fee.
  • Access to the backstage area is only permitted for team members and attendants.


Updated: 01.07.2016